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The main areas of research

  1. Ecological and physiological interactions between entomopathogenic fungi and insects. Immune reactions of hosts during development of mycoses caused by fungi with various host range and different pathogenic strategy.
  2. Development of fungal infections in insects during different periods of ontogenesis. Role of epicuticular hydrocarbons and fatty acids in the fungal infections.
  3. Interactions in multicomponent systems: insect hosts fungi bacteria parasitoids plants.
  4. Metagenomics of insect's symbionts. Influence of gut microorganisms and gut immunity on development of mycoses and toxicoses caused by natural and synthetic insecticides, as well as combinations of fungi and insecticides.
  5. Diversity of entomopathogenic fungi in Siberia and Far East of Russia.
  6. Molecular phylogeny of parasites

Main objects

Fungi - Metarhizium, Beauveria, Isaria, Cordyceps

Insects - wax moth Galleria mellonella, Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata, locusts Locusta, Calliptamus, mosquitoes Aedes, Culex, Anopheles and non-target aquatic invertebrates (Odonata, Hemiptera)


Projects of RAS, RSF, RFBR

Selected publications


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Vorontsova Y.L., Slepneva I.A., Alekseev A.A., Kryukov V.Y., Tyurin M.V., Glupov V.V. The effect of entomopathogenic fungi Metarhizium robertsii of different virulence on the generation of reactive oxygen species in Galleria mellonella larvae // Invertebrate Survival Journal 2018. 15:276-284.

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